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Visa Support

Please check out if you need a visa to enter South Korea (Republic of Korea) at your earliest convenience. If you do need one, please contact an embassy of Republic of Korea in your region and confirm the visa application procedure. Please inform us if you need documents, such as an invitation letter, from us.

Overview of Routes to POSTECH

To come to South Korea from abroad by air, you can take an international flight to either Incheon International Airport near Seoul, Gimhae International Airport near Busan, or Gimpo International Airport near Seoul. Among them, Incheon is the largest hub airport in South Korea. Gimhae is the nearest international airport to Pohang. Gimpo serves domestic flights to Pohang Airport. From these international airports, you can continue your domestic travel by air, train, and/or bus.

View Routes to POSCO International Center at POSTECH in a larger map

Below is an overview of routes from each of the international airports to POSCO International Center (PIC). You can find more details in the file, routes_to_POSTECH_v000.pdf, and on external web pages.

Via Incheon International Airport (near Seoul)

Via Gimhae International Airport (near Busan)

Via Gimpo International Airport (near Seoul)


The Pohang Inter-city Bus Terminal is sometimes called Pohang Cross-Country Bus Terminal. In Korean, it is called Siwoe Bus terminal.

There is another bus terminal in Pohang, which is called Express Bus Terminal or Gosokku bus terminal in Korean. This one is not relevant for the routes listed above.

Information Files


Travel Information provided by POSTECH and PIC

For more information, please refer to POSTECH's web site and navigate through 'ABOUT POSTECH -> Visit POSTECH' in the menu at the top left part of the web page.

Here is a POSTECH Campus Map and PIC location information.




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