Seminar by Dr. Chul Min Kim

Part I. Introduction to strong laser field physics

In this talk, I will introduce the basic concepts of strong laser field physics, in which the laser field surpasses the atomic field. At a relatively low intensity of 10^{13} W/cm^2, the continuum states of an electron play a key role in determining the optical response (non-perturbative nonlinear optics), and, at a higher intensity above 10^{18} W/cm^2, the relativistic electron motion determines the optical response (relativistic optics). The basic parameters, features, and processes of non-perturbative nonlinear optics and relativistic optics are reviewed.

Part II. Relativistic high harmonic generation

In this talk, as an example of relativistic optics, I will describe the high harmonic generation with relativistic electrons. The well-known mechanisms such as relativistic oscillating mirror (ROM), coherent wake excitation (CWE), and electron spike oscillation are reviewed, and then a new mechanism, self-induced oscillatory flying mirror (SOFM), is described in detail along with the experimental results, showing harmonic generation up to the 164th order with a 30-fs, 100-TW Ti:sapphire laser.

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